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Plot Your Dungeons with This Simple Grid System

The Nine Sector System of Dungeon Design I saw Castle Oldskull ~ CDDG1: The Classic Dungeon Design Guide ~ Book 1: Forging the Underworld (yup, that’s the full actual title) by Kent David Kelly in the Amazon Kindle store and on a whim purchased it. The book is a couple hundred pages of dungeon building […]

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Drama Works Best When There Are Contrasting Moods

Today’s Musing about megadungeons is brought to you by RPT reader Ydars who wrote in response to my recent piece about how Dang Megadungeons Break My Heart. He’s got some great ideas I want to share with you: Dear Johnn, Megadungeons are difficult beasts to run because they tend to lack emotional variety. Tension and […]

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Dang Megadungeons Break My Heart

Here are four creative ways to drop a megadungeon into your campaign. This month’s RPG Blog Carnival is being hosted by Raging Swan Press. And the topic is megadungeons! (Insert thunderous noise and shaking ground here.) I lurvs me my megadungeons. I happen to have several bookshelves dedicated just to these critters. Here’s a snapshot […]

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Revisiting The Dungeon-Crawl: 29 Dungeon Tips!

From Doug “Wraith” Lochery Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #161 The dungeon-crawl campaign is the traditional base for RPG adventures. Each of us can remember a particular part of a particular dungeon that makes us shudder or smile, depending on which side of the screen you were on at the time. Dungeoneering is the RPG enthusiast’s heritage. […]

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