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15 Kinds of Camouflage

From Ian Winterbottom Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #443 There was a song once, “Camouflage,” which had the refrain, “Things are never quite the way they seem.” It struck me then and still does now that there was the germ of some good hooks and stories there. To this end, I started methodically going through the reasons […]

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Different Ways Of Kinging It: A Quick Look At Alternative Traditions Of Monarchy

From Dariel R. A. Quiogue Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #128 Hi Johnn! The idea for this article came from Neil Faulkner’s excellent article, Ten Ways to Enrich Your Campaign With Lists of Rulers. I hope this can be useful for my fellow GMs out there. RPT#108 – Ten Ways To Enrich Your Campaign With Lists Of […]

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Lessons From The Movies – Alien and Aliens

From Matthew Ipock Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #624 Two of the best horror-sci-fi movies ever made have to be Alien and Aliens. You know, the ones about the space creature that latches onto your head, shoves an egg down your throat that eventually claws out through your chest and becomes a big, blackish-green hunter with acid […]

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Dresden Files & Fairy Tales – Adventure Tips For Urban Fantasy Games

From Christopher Sniezak Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #647 I love stories about wizard private eyes, iron druid book shop owners, succubus baristas, and null cleaners. I love modern fantasy or what is also known as Urban Fantasy. To get an Urban Fantasy game, just add fantasy into a modern setting, especially a large city. But sometimes […]

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Lessons From The Movies: The Princess Bride

From Matthew Ipock Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #625 The Princess Bride has become a great romantic-comedy cult classic. This is because the film has all the necessary ingredients of a great movie: action, comedy, memorable characters and dialogue, and “true love”. Because the movie has these needed ingredients, The Princess Bride can also serve as a […]

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How to Create Blockbuster Box Office Hits with Your Players – Every Adventure

From Brad Allen Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #523 Applying the Hollywood Formula to RPG Storylines I’ve been GMing for many years but only recently tried to enhance my pacing and story-writing skills. For a long time my games suffered from frequent lulls and anti-climaxes, but no longer. A year or so ago, I did some research […]

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