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Evolving Hex Crawls: My New Approach Where Sandbox Meets Hex Crawl

You know how my preferred campaign design approach is Sandbox meets Crawling meets Adventure Path? I wrote on that recently here. Well, over the weekend I tweaked it a bit. On the surface, it’s just wordplay. But to me, it’s an exciting change in how I do things behind the screen. First let’s review. My […]

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The Riches of World-Building: Spending Party Treasure

A 5E GM expressed frustration to me over the limited ways in which players can spend their loot: The only issue with treasure as plot devices, and I already see it within the game. There isn’t anything to buy with the gold and riches you reward. In 5E, magic isn’t supposed to be bought and […]

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My Experience on The Picture Side of The Screen: 6 Tips for Players

From Johnn Four Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0187 A Brief Word From Johnn Posting Full “From” Names Since the ezine’s inception in 1999, I’ve always posted Reader’s Tips “from” name as full first name and last name’s initial. Unless anyone objects, I’m switching to full name because I feel tips submitters will get a little more […]

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