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Innkeeper Intrigue

From John C. Feltz Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #185 The innkeeper or bartender may very well be the most stock, archetypal, and boring NPC ever created. PCs interact with innkeepers every day, relying on them as a source of food, shelter, and information. But even if the GM roleplays each innkeeper well, there’s usually so little […]

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Talking The Talk: NPC Speech Patterns

From Dariel R. A. Quiogue Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #172 How we talk is part of our personality. How we talk tells volumes about us: our nationality, religion, education, and more. Every person, every culture, has their own recognizable speech patterns. Applied to our favorite hobby, this can help us roleplay characters of diverse origins and […]

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Celebration Of 150 Issues: Reader’s Tips Special

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #150 The GM’s Role Is To Present Conflict From Jay W. I would emphasize more the role of the GM in character development. A person’s character is revealed through conflict and so is a player’s character. The role of the GM is to create conflicts (not necessarily battles) that emphasize or challenge […]

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