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Innkeeper Intrigue

From John C. Feltz Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0185 Innkeeper Intrigue The innkeeper or bartender may very well be the most stock, archetypal, and boring NPC ever created. PCs interact with innkeepers every day, relying on them as a source of food, shelter, and information. But even if the GM roleplays each innkeeper well, there’s usually […]

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Role-Playing And Giant Robots

From J. Kline Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0176 A Brief Word From Johnn Supplemental #15 Now Available: Wilderness Encounters Yippee! The wilderness encounters contest entries have been compiled and are available free by autoresponder. Just send a blank email to: [email protected] The doc is plain text, 100k. Enjoy! Cheers, Johnn [email protected] “Featherball! I mean, featherrrr……..” Role-Playing […]

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Talking The Talk: NPC Speech Patterns

From Dariel R. A. Quiogue Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0172 A Brief Word From Johnn Last Week Of Contest: Wilderness Encounters & Conflicts Thanks to everyone who entered the Wilderness Encounters contest! The winners will be contacted this week and the contest entries posted in an upcoming issue. Cheers, Johnn Fou[email protected] “Well, my little pretty, I […]

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Celebration Of 150 Issues: Reader’s Tips Special

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0150 A Brief Word From Johnn #150 & 3 Year Anniversary With coincidental synergy, this issue celebrates number one- five-oh and the three year anniversary for Roleplaying Tips Weekly. The first ezine went out November 27th, 1999 and, thanks to your support, on-going feedback, and tips, it’s been a great three years! […]

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