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Look up, what’s that falling?

Characters never look up. Let’s take advantage of that in our designs. Inspired by a recent post from Derek Von Zarovich on his Patreon, let’s turn this soggy Monday into a fun brainstorm. First, here’s the cool idea and map from Derek Map-Adventure Vault. This was a tower from a flying fortress that fell down. […]

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Making High Level PCs Fulfill Their Worst Enemy’s Plans

Here’s a quibble with high-level characters, and it runs contrary to advice I posted years ago. My recent Musing on how to challenge high-level PCs received a lot of excellent feedback. Thanks! A common response was to give the PCs more roleplaying challenges. “The PCs are so tough now they roll over their foes. So […]

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3 Tips For GMing “Blank Sheet” Characters

Recent emails in my inbox share a common theme of characters unknown to their players. Example: the PCs have amnesia and players get blank character sheets. As facts emerge about the PCs through trial and error or memory recovery, the character sheets get filled out. Another example: zero level PCs. A compelling mythological device with […]

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Reduce Session Cancellations with an On-Call Player

From Ike Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #441 Traditionally, you play tabletop RPGs in person with a group of your favourite people. Therein lies some of the hobby’s greatest appeal, and also one of its most common stumbling blocks. I am talking, of course, about synching up multiple, overtaxed schedules to play when that pesky real life […]

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Roleplaying Tip: Distinguish Players From Characters

Roleplaying is tough. And sometimes players don’t separate themselves from their characters. This causes problems. RPT Patron Richard Grilley asks: Johnn, How do you help a game table to distinguish players from characters? It is great when the brawny footballer can do a high pitch voice with a twist of Scottish accent for his female […]

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67 Questions To Make Your Players Roleplay More

Here’s a great technique to get your players roleplaying more. Have NPCs ask them questions. But not just any questions. Yes/No questions, for example, don’t get players talking or thinking much. Good NPC questions provide another boon: they give you ideas to steal for later use. While the players answer the NPC, you log their […]

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