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Reduce Session Cancellations with an On-Call Player

From Ike Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0441 Reduce Session Cancellations with an On-Call Player Traditionally, you play tabletop RPGs in person with a group of your favourite people. Therein lies some of the hobby’s greatest appeal, and also one of its most common stumbling blocks. I am talking, of course, about synching up multiple, overtaxed schedules […]

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Why I’ve Changed My Approach Roleplay

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1051 Awesome RPT Patron Roel asked for my two cents on a couple of roleplaying house rules he’s thinking of for his campaign: When a player role plays a social situation well they can take +2 on social checks (diplomacy, intimidation etc) (GM’s discretion). This rule is to encourage players to role […]

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Roleplaying Tip: Distinguish Players From Characters

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1043 Roleplaying is tough. And sometimes players don’t separate themselves from their characters. This causes problems. RPT Patron Richard Grilley asks: Johnn, How do you help a game table to distinguish players from characters? It is great when the brawny footballer can do a high pitch voice with a twist of Scottish […]

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67 Questions To Make Your Players Roleplay More

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0991 Here’s a great technique to get your players roleplaying more. Have NPCs ask them questions. But not just any questions. Yes/No questions, for example, don’t get players talking or thinking much. Good NPC questions provide another boon: they give you ideas to steal for later use. While the players answer the […]

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Alternative Forms Of Character Rewards

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0050 A Brief Word From Johnn Marcus, a good friend and an awesome roleplayer, recently taught me about a different kind of reward for roleplaying while we were planning a co-GM session. He explained to me that it’s rewarding for players to have the spotlight at the game table where everyone’s attention […]

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