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What To Do When Your Players Aren’t Taking It Seriously

Players who don’t take your game seriously can kill a campaign. You’re struggling to create a vibe, atmosphere, and theme. But when the table ignores that and cracks jokes during horror adventures or breaks immersion with real world chatter, you get frustrated.

I asked RPT readers for advice on what to do when players don’t take your efforts and game seriously. Here’s their advice for you.

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Rewarding The Game Master – A Simple Framework

The games we play and the people who play them are complex. We cannot simply write a script and have the audience passively follow along, clapping when the applause sign lights up. We play an interactive game in a social environment. Everyone wants a role to play and the ability to affect outcomes. Player agency might come easy to you or not. For me, it’s on the difficult side….

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Focusing the Spotlight: How I Handle Split Parties For More Drama

From Johnn Four Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0622 A Brief Word From Johnn The Productive Game Master Did you know I recently doubled my reading speed? It took minutes. No, really. There’s a way of reading on-screen where the words just flash by. All you do is focus. I did a reading test first, because I […]

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Readers Write In

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0280 A Brief Word From Johnn Thunderbird Working Well I switched from Outlook late last year after another round of trying to recover corrupted data. After checking out various applications, I finally opted for Thunderbird. It’s been nearly a year of using it, and I’m glad to report it’s working well for […]

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How To Track PC Stats? – 7 Tips

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0240 A Brief Word From Johnn You Better Be Sitting Before You Click This Link This gamer has a projector set-up in his game room, and he beams his maps right onto the table! Wow. That is sweet. http://www.d20srd.org/extras/mapProjection.htm According to the projector owner, you can get the machines on eBay for […]

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6 Bard Tips

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0206 6 Bard Tips How to Play a Better Bard From Matthew Leach Traditionally, bards are the storytellers of the fantasy genre. They are charismatic characters who enthral or inspire with a flourish of words and gestures. A truly good bard is able to capture the attention of entire crowds and sway […]

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My Experience on The Picture Side of The Screen: 6 Tips for Players

From Johnn Four Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0187 A Brief Word From Johnn Posting Full “From” Names Since the ezine’s inception in 1999, I’ve always posted Reader’s Tips “from” name as full first name and last name’s initial. Unless anyone objects, I’m switching to full name because I feel tips submitters will get a little more […]

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