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6 More Techniques For Maintaining Player Interest

From Trevor Dreher Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0173 A Brief Word From Johnn Wilderness Encounter Contest Winners Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! I’ll be editing and posting the entries in an upcoming issue. The winners were: Alan M.Mark M.Derek M.Tim R.Mark K.Ashley H.Brian S.Joseph H. Cheers, Johnn [email protected] “He hasn’t a single redeeming vice.”–Oscar […]

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The Principles Of Gaming Etiquette: A Real Document That Helped A Real Campaign

From Forrest Elam Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0167 A Brief Word From Johnn Use This Week’s Tips To Create Group Contracts Last week I posted a request for example Group Contracts to help encourage and promote player co-operation. This week’s tips by Forrest fit perfectly into this category and I hope those GMs with player conflicts […]

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When Players Attack: Tips For Encouraging PC Co-Operation

From Leslie Holm Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0163 A Brief Word From Johnn New Contest: Interesting Combat Or Roleplaying “Scenes” This is an “ideas” contest, my favourite kind. Unlimited entries are allowed, with each scene representing one entry. To enter, read Varianor’s Reader Tip #2, “Making Combat Interesting,” in this issue where he provides several cool, one-two […]

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6 D&D Dungeon Ideas to Make Dungeons and Rooms More Interesting

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0156 (Updated November 20 2022) How can we get D&D dungeon ideas and make our dungeons and rooms more engaging to our players? The following tips will help you liven up routine dungeon adventures and breathe fresh life into dungeon-ruts. If you’re not a fantasy GM, then when you read the word […]

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When Powerful PCs Adventure With Weak PCs

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0134 A Brief Word From Johnn More GM Burnout Tips Heather Grove over at the Twilight Time newsletter has posted a great article covering GM burnout advice. As issues #130 & #131 dealt with the topic I thought you might also find this article valuable: http://two.pairlist.net/pipermail/twilighttime/2002/000007.html HackMaster Contest Update Thanks to everyone who […]

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Old Campaign, New PCs: Creating New Characters For Existing Campaigns

From Walks in Moonlight Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0129 A Brief Word From Johnn Free HackMaster Module Contest! Kenzer & Co. has kindly offered 20 of their B1: Quest For The Unknown modules as prizes so it’s time for a contest. With 20 modules up for grabs, I think the odds are much better of being […]

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Building & Playing A More Unique & Memorable Character

From Dave N. ‘Brittanman’ Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0126 A Brief Word From Johnn An Article For The Players This Week Dave N.’s article this week on creating interesting characters is a player-centric piece that I thought you would find quite valuable as well for building better NPCs. I also thought you could print out or […]

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Rewards: 6 Ways To Help Your Players Develop Compelling Characters During Play

From Johnn Four, patreon.com/johnnfour Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1188 A Brief Word From Johnn Marcus, a good friend and an awesome roleplayer, recently taught me about a different kind of reward for roleplaying while we were planning a co-GM session. He explained to me that it’s rewarding for players to have the spotlight at the game […]

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