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The Potion Factory for Fun Faction Finagling

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0724 The Potion Factory for Fun Faction Finagling On theme with this month’s RPG Blog Carnival, here’s an idea for arming your next faction without destroying campaign balance. We began my Murder Hobos campaign as a playtest of the D&D 5E rules using the adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver included in the […]

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May – Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em – These Guys Juice Up Your Game

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0794 I’m reading Kings of the Wyld (aff.) by Nicholas Eames. It’s tongue-in-cheek fantasy. Not normally my fare, but the world has interesting ideas and I’m getting drawn into the plot. In the world of Heartwyld, adventurers form bands, as in music bands. Except the bards always get killed. Agents book adventures […]

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How To Create Your Own Plot Factory, Part III

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0836 With 5 Room Dungeons as our core short-adventure building technique, we can introduce and intertwine multiple plots running at once in our campaigns. We do this so we put the odds in our favour that every session a climax or major milestone will trigger. This keeps our players engaged. And it […]

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How To Create Your Own Plot Factory – Part II

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0835 We add more NPCS to your campaign to create more gameplay options and interesting situations (you don’t jealously cling to and railroad NPCs when you have a wonderful abundance of them). We should add more plots or storylines for the same reason. Imagine if every session a plot thread was about […]

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How To Create Your Own Plot Factory – Part I

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0834 Unending plots become a grind. Encounter after encounter with no resolution or reward in sight causes players to lose enthusiasm. And when they lose their drive, game sessions fall off the wheels. When Players Sabotage Your Game For example, why roleplay hard to squeeze clues out of reluctant enemies when it’s […]

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The Secret Ingredient For Great Campaigns

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1078 Give everything a secret. Sound advice from Ray Winninger’s “Dungeoncraft” column in Dragon Magazine in the late 1990s. When I read that advice it instantly clicked. Alas, it’s easier said than done. You know I like my plethora of NPCs, plots, and side plots. Ray also advised giving locations, items, and […]

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Revealing More Information Is Like Making A Peanut Butter Sandwich

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1058 I was lucky in school back in my day when we had to roll dice uphill. Both ways. At the bottom of a lake. In one class I learned about algorithms. Simple procedures or recipes for doing things. For example, how do you make a peanut butter sandwich? Two slices of […]

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Crafting Intrigue Adventures — A Couple Of Quick Tips

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1055 When I asked RPT GM Alex M. via email about what his biggest GMing struggle is he had an interesting reply: Right now we’re playing an evil campaign in a post apocalyptic setting. My biggest struggle is making smart enough, non-linear / classic intrigue cases . Like political rivalries, behind closed […]

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