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The Secret Ingredient For Great Campaigns

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1078 Give everything a secret. Sound advice from Ray Winninger’s “Dungeoncraft” column in Dragon Magazine in the late 1990s. When I read that advice it instantly clicked. Alas, it’s easier said than done. You know I like my plethora of NPCs, plots, and side plots. Ray also advised giving locations, items, and […]

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Revealing More Information Is Like Making A Peanut Butter Sandwich

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1058 I was lucky in school back in my day when we had to roll dice uphill. Both ways. At the bottom of a lake. In one class I learned about algorithms. Simple procedures or recipes for doing things. For example, how do you make a peanut butter sandwich? Two slices of […]

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Crafting Intrigue Adventures — A Couple Of Quick Tips

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1055 When I asked RPT GM Alex M. via email about what his biggest GMing struggle is he had an interesting reply: Right now we’re playing an evil campaign in a post apocalyptic setting. My biggest struggle is making smart enough, non-linear / classic intrigue cases . Like political rivalries, behind closed […]

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Help The Characters Get Into Trouble

Want to make life even more interesting for your players? Follow these three simple steps.Step 1: Pick Your HookGrab a hook from your Loopy Plans. I don’t know your plot, so let’s use five random plot hooks quickly generated from Campaign Logger’s Town Rumours generator: Recently a scarred traveler came to visit the clothier, who has been […]

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What Are Seeds And Hooks?

Anon GM wrote in with this request about seeds and hooks: I need your help with something embarrassing. I have been DMing for years now and realized there is something that seems to be foundational to game play and I kind of don’t know anything about it.

I have read your tips and have read in multiple places about seeds and hooks. What are they and how do I use them?

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Lessons From The Movies – Alien and Aliens

From Matthew Ipock Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0624 Lessons From The Movies – Alien and Aliens Two of the best horror-sci-fi movies ever made have to be Alien and Aliens. You know, the ones about the space creature that latches onto your head, shoves an egg down your throat that eventually claws out through your chest […]

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Focusing the Spotlight, Story Overlays, Magic Flags

From John Lewis Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0649 Focusing the Spotlight, Story Overlays, Magic Flags We RPG players live for those times when all eyes are on our character. Suddenly we are completely in the moment, feeling a rush of adrenalin and a powerful surge of excitement. We sense the other players’ concentrated attention on what’s […]

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Lessons From The Movies: The Princess Bride

From Matthew Ipock Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0625 Lessons From The Movies: The Princess Bride The Princess Bride has become a great romantic-comedy cult classic. This is because the film has all the necessary ingredients of a great movie: action, comedy, memorable characters and dialogue, and “true love”. Because the movie has these needed ingredients, The […]

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