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11 Ways To Make Mysteries Magnificent

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1211 Brief Word From Johnn Check out this cool session pic from Platinum Wizard of Adventure Nemsoli: I asked Nemsoli what I was seeing, and he replied: What you are looking at is a Dwarven Forge 3d model my GM bought and painted. The two minis are clockwork owlbears he printed and […]

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Fantastic Factions => 4 Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Villain Factions

Why do I use factions so much in my campaigns? You know I love my NPCs. They are our avatars and “Agent Smiths” in the game to influence players and direct the characters. Therefore, we get even more value out of groups of NPCs. But random clusters do not make great storytelling. We need each […]

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The Four Levers That Inevitably Pull Players Through Your Adventures

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0974 I’m writing right now in my Guide to 5 Room Dungeons about Push versus Pull. Push GMing means forcing players in a certain direction. But players are their own beings. They think and act independent of your wishes. You cannot control another person. Therefore, you cannot control your players. If you […]

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Manic Mystery Mayhem – Three Lessons Learned About GMing Mysteries

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0750 Manic Mystery Mayhem I had an interesting game on Wednesday. I made a couple big mistakes you can hopefully learn from. I’m playtesting the mystery portion of my Demonplague I: The Frozen Necromancer adventure, which releases in 2017. The PCs must find out who or what is behind disappearing villagers. During […]

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Rhyme Clues For Your Campaign

From Coyote O’Reilly Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0289 Rhyme Clues For Your Campaign I’m preparing a fantasy-horror Rolemaster game where the characters are stationed in a town full of strange events. For inspiration, I’ve looked to European folklore that arose from superstition and fear of the dark, and Tales from the Brothers Grimm. I’ve explained to […]

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Political Campaign Tips – Part II

From Johnn Four Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0203 A Brief Word From Johnn Happy New Year Well, it’s great to be writing the ezine again after a three week Christmas break. It’s like returning to an old friend. Happy New Year to you. I hope you find this week’s article of value for your games. Visa, […]

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Political Campaign Tip: Create A Social Ladder

From Johnn Four Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0201 A Brief Word From Johnn Free Archives Download Updated This is one of the reasons last week’s issue was delayed; however, I’ve finally got the archive plain text zip download updated to Issue #200 and it’s available free for download! https://www.roleplayingtips.com/encyc/ Merry Christmas! The RoleplayingTips GM Encyclopedia Is […]

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Innkeeper Intrigue

From John C. Feltz Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0185 Innkeeper Intrigue The innkeeper or bartender may very well be the most stock, archetypal, and boring NPC ever created. PCs interact with innkeepers every day, relying on them as a source of food, shelter, and information. But even if the GM roleplays each innkeeper well, there’s usually […]

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