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Hitting The Wall: When You’ve Got No Creativity And Have GM Burnout

RPT GM E. shared with me that they’ve got writer’s block, and maybe a little GM burnout. Here’s their email, paraphrased a bit: RPGwise, I realized this week my creativity is gone. I had to brainstorm and couldn’t whip up anything. Right now, I’m in a total slump gamewise. Right now is a great opportunity […]

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How to Create Blockbuster Box Office Hits with Your Players – Every Adventure

From Brad Allen Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #523 Applying the Hollywood Formula to RPG Storylines I’ve been GMing for many years but only recently tried to enhance my pacing and story-writing skills. For a long time my games suffered from frequent lulls and anti-climaxes, but no longer. A year or so ago, I did some research […]

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