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A Divine Way to Manage Your Meddling Gods – a 3 Part Framework

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1150 This is a guest post by Jonathan Hardin, sojournersawake.com based on his original article at Sojourners Awake. How can you have gods walk your realm without whacking campaign balance? How can you turn deities into Plot Factories? And how can you roleplay divine beings in interesting ways that do not spell […]

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How to Use Meddling Gods to Make Life Very Interesting for Your Players

Five different ways to make lives interesting for the PCs with meddling gods. My world-building framework always starts with the gods because they influence my fantasy games so much. Gods should be active agents in games. Meddlers in conflict with one another. And possibly in conflict with cosmological evils. This instantly gives me adventure hooks, villain ideas, and campaign possibilities. The gods don’t just sit back and watch their favourite show on World TV. Instead, they play chess, sacrificing pawns to capture rooks, knights, queens, and kings. And as always, the PCs are affected.

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The Mythic God Generator (and a new contest!)

From John Large Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0646 A Brief Word From Johnn Wanna Be A Video Game Designer? My friend Pablo Farías Navarro from Australia has a cool Kickstarter called Complete Mobile Game Development Course. Pablo is creating an online school and will teach you how to build 15 different types of mobile games for […]

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