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How to Add Conspiracy Theories to Your Game

The most interesting thing about conspiracy theories is they could be true. Supporters will find evidence to support them, while the government will disprove them. The rest of the world doesn’t know or doesn’t care. That’s why many theorists keep ideas within sympathetic groups and only go public when they have enough proof. Create a […]

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How to Create Blockbuster Box Office Hits with Your Players – Every Adventure

From Brad Allen Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0523 A Brief Word from Johnn Welcome New Advertiser: The Book Trailer Darcy Pattison coaches’ fiction writers. That’s us, right? GMs need to write backgrounds, histories, plots, NPCs and more. And while we do not follow all the conventions of a fiction book – rumor has it that players […]

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GM Tip Request – How to Run Professional Conferences for PCs

Hi Johnn, Every Year, my campaign features a wizards’ colloquium, called The Studious Accord, with speakers on various topics. These speakers are NPCs familiar to the PCs, or their topics recall adventures that they’ve had. The Accord effectively serves tips, rumors and adventure hooks. I write up a list of speakers and the titles of […]

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