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How Do You GM Great Droids?

In RPT #512 RND(axe) asked for help on running interesting droids in his Star Wars game. I received the following two great responses: Keep Droids Tools From Mark of the Pixie When I run droids, I stay focused on their purpose.  Droids are tools, not characters (helps stop them outshining PCs).  It colours their outlook […]

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14 Elements Of Starship Design For Newbie Sci-Fi Gamers

From Jonathan Hicks Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #155 Interstellar sci-fi games often revolve around one thing: starships. Many players of these types of games become quite passionate about starship design and starship capabilities and this can create various game related problems. Also, while most sci-fi roleplaying games have their own systems for starship design and implementation, […]

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