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Do This To Drastically Improve Communication With Players

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1168 When there’s good communication, it’s invisible. When there’s bad communication, everyone feels it. As an anti-social, only child introvert, I’ve always considered myself as having a low emotional quotient. I’m much more polite in writing. ๐Ÿ™‚ At work I’ve been called direct due to my questions. Being direct is effective, in […]

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3-Step GM PiXiE Kaizen

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1155 There’s a myth about game master time management. Or even about time management in general. Folks think it’s about time. But in my experience that’s not true. It’s about energy. Doing campaign prep for 15 minutes a day will get more prep done over the long haul than doing it once […]

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Drama People Versus Object People

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0800 Did you know I collect world views? Weird, I know. A world view is the lens through which a person sees. It’s how they interpret what they experience. For example, I found an article with accompanying infographic on how the wealthy view the world differently than people in poverty. One world […]

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The GM’s Ten Commandments: GM vs. Players

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1038 RPT GM Krys sent me this article on The GMโ€™s Ten Commandments. While an old article from 1987, it still has some good advice. The first of Volnyโ€™s commandments made me stop and reflect: Do not consider the players as adversaries โ€œIf the players quickly neutralize or bypass these clever entrapments, […]

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