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The Mad Lib d12 Random Quest Generator

A bit of fun inspiration for your campaign today. RPT GM Tony shares a random quest generator in Mad Libs format. What I like most about his plot generator is it creates a named and enumerated quest purpose. You could use this template to create legends, world wonders, artefacts, Spikes of Danger, and other nifty […]

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d10 Things You Hear In Town

I often stumble over thinking up rumours on-the-fly. Especially in my sandbox games where there are so many possibilities. I end up just slandering a character or bad-mouthing the establishment. While good for a laugh, that doesn’t drive the campaign forward. So Jochen and I just added a new generator to Campaign Logger called Town […]

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The Mythic God Generator (and a new contest!)

From John Large Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #646 The Mythic God Generator lets you create quick and interesting deities for your setting. You then use these divine NPCs to build linked adventures and encounters. What this generator won’t do is give you a cumbersome stat block for your gods, since it focuses on the important details […]

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