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Deep World Building Using The Estates Method

A beloved RPG, Ars Magica, splits its setting into three estates: the Church, the Nobles, and the Commonfolk. Wizards are outcasts. Hunted, exiled, or slain for blasphemies and politics. Players run Magi in the Mythic Europe setting. Forced to hide and handle a delicate power balance between the three estates, play becomes strategic and deeper. […]

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The Dangling Description Mystery Method Formula — The Secret Sauce To Riveting Descriptions

I was working on a new Faster Combat lesson about the Action Economy last weekend and a lightbulb went off. I know exactly what I want to deliver each time you and I describe something to our players. This applies to descriptions for encounters, NPCs, items, monsters, and locations. This applies to boxed text, bullet […]

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67 Questions To Make Your Players Roleplay More

Here’s a great technique to get your players roleplaying more. Have NPCs ask them questions. But not just any questions. Yes/No questions, for example, don’t get players talking or thinking much. Good NPC questions provide another boon: they give you ideas to steal for later use. While the players answer the NPC, you log their […]

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Campaign’s Pillars: How To Pacing Your Game’s Exciting Moments

Manage pace during sessions instead of scripting it. This lets you react to your game as it unfolds and is one less strict plan you must track. But, leaving pace to encounter-level decisions burdens you with yet another thing. Until you’ve made pacing a habit and can spot opportunities to switch energy up mid-session, it […]

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Help The Characters Get Into Trouble

Want to make life even more interesting for your players? Follow these three simple steps.Step 1: Pick Your HookGrab a hook from your Loopy Plans. I don’t know your plot, so let’s use five random plot hooks quickly generated from Campaign Logger’s Town Rumours generator: Recently a scarred traveler came to visit the clothier, who has been […]

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The Mother Of All Character Questionnaires

Use this list of questions to construct or add to your own character questionnaire. Character depth comes from player introspection. Prod your players to put a little thought into their PCs. This will pay you a lot of dividends as your campaigns progresses. You can use answers to design around character drives, roleplay off character details, and engage players beyond mere numbers.

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The Session Checklist: Ingredients To A Successful Game Session – Part I

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #198 When I’m bored, going to sleep, commuting, standing in line, or walking around, my thoughts often drive straight to some roleplaying topic. Frequently, I ponder “the perfect game session.” I try to envisage in great detail just exactly what a perfect GMing performance would be. As I can’t control the players, […]

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Encounter Triangles – A New Design Tool For Your Gm Toolbox

What I like now are encounters with more than one interesting aspect. Used to be I was satisfied with a monster and some treasure. But not these days. I want my cheese and pickles too.

So I’ve come up with a draft of a technique I’m calling Encounter Triangles. Here’s the gist of it. Let me know what you think.

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Character Sheets As GM Tools

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #205 Player Character Sheets As A GM Tool? PC sheets are for players, aren’t they? I hear you asking. Yes. However, they can also serve the game master in numerous ways to make games more entertaining and efficient. Potential benefits of tweaked, optimized, and well-designed character sheets are: Better organized players Increased […]

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