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Why Players Get Bored With Our GMing (But Might Be Afraid To Tell Us)

Why Players Get Bored With Our GMing (But Might Be Afraid To Tell Us) As a player who gets bored easily (thus I am a forever-GM :), here are three reasons based on my experiences why a GM can lose player attention and participation in a game. Hopefully these tips help keep your table engaged. […]

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A Village Name That’s a Funny Puzzle

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0705 Here’s a funny, simple puzzle for your game. My mom is reading a book called The Year of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman. In it there’s a place called Saint Ophere. Turns out the place was named because someone long ago misread a sign. The sign read: Stop here Stop here […]

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Make Monster Parts Puzzles For Your Adventures

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1103 Over at my Campaign Community forum, Doug the Winter shares a great campaign war story. And in that story lies a fantastic tip: use monster parts as puzzle pieces. Here’s a snippet of his story: The Situation The group has been stuck in the feywild due to an ongoing feud with […]

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Beat Dungeon Slumps With Dungeon Sumps

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1099 The first issue of 5 Room Dungeons Zine features underwater gameplay in a location you would not expect to have to swim or fight. Part of the reason I made this unusual environment the 5RD’s Feature Location is to challenge your players to master the underwater rules. When your group learns […]

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Focusing the Spotlight, Story Overlays, Magic Flags

From John Lewis Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0649 Focusing the Spotlight, Story Overlays, Magic Flags We RPG players live for those times when all eyes are on our character. Suddenly we are completely in the moment, feeling a rush of adrenalin and a powerful surge of excitement. We sense the other players’ concentrated attention on what’s […]

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Rhyme Clues For Your Campaign

From Coyote O’Reilly Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0289 Rhyme Clues For Your Campaign I’m preparing a fantasy-horror Rolemaster game where the characters are stationed in a town full of strange events. For inspiration, I’ve looked to European folklore that arose from superstition and fear of the dark, and Tales from the Brothers Grimm. I’ve explained to […]

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