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A Village Name That’s a Funny Puzzle

Here’s a funny, simple puzzle for your game. My mom is reading a book called The Year of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman. In it there’s a place called Saint Ophere. Turns out the place was named because someone long ago misread a sign. The sign read: Stop here Stop here with some punctuation becomes […]

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Focusing the Spotlight, Story Overlays, Magic Flags

From John Lewis Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #649 We RPG players live for those times when all eyes are on our character. Suddenly we are completely in the moment, feeling a rush of adrenalin and a powerful surge of excitement. We sense the other players’ concentrated attention on what’s occurring. These intense moments, when the spotlight […]

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Rhyme Clues For Your Campaign

From Coyote O’Reilly Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #289 I’m preparing a fantasy-horror Rolemaster game where the characters are stationed in a town full of strange events. For inspiration, I’ve looked to European folklore that arose from superstition and fear of the dark, and Tales from the Brothers Grimm. I’ve explained to the players that this is […]

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