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Save Your Village From Murder Hobos – 5 Quick Tips

Save Your Village From Murder Hobos – 5 Quick Tips How do we protect villagers from Murder Hobos? We planned some great roleplay in town, but then the party decides they don’t like being sassed and suddenly we’re rolling for initiative. Here are a 1d4+1 ideas, inspired by Dragon Magazine #109, on how we can […]

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A Divine Way to Manage Your Meddling Gods – a 3 Part Framework

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1150 This is a guest post by Jonathan Hardin, based on his original article at Sojourners Awake. How can you have gods walk your realm without whacking campaign balance? How can you turn deities into Plot Factories? And how can you roleplay divine beings in interesting ways that do not spell […]

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World-Building In Five Steps

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0934 RPT GM LadySeshiiria asks a big world-building question. Good timing, LadySeshiiria, because I’ve just started planning out my realm called Duskfall for season three of Hobos of the Apocalypse. So I can hopefully help today with a high-level overview of my world-building recipe. Here is LadySeshiiria’s question: Johnn, What is a […]

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How To Build A Fantasy City In 47 Seconds

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0852 Need a city fast for your campaign? Follow these 6 steps to build a fantasy town or metropolis in under a minute. Drawing or consulting a map is my First Move. [Kill GM Procrastination With Your First Move] So we’ll begin this recipe with a quick fantasy city map generator. Let’s […]

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Character Home Bases – Part III: Example Village of Coldwater

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0759 On Monday we covered how to get players to care about home bases. Wednesday I showed you a simple three step village creation recipe that you can world-build from. And today I’ll walk you through a quick example that you can also drop right into your campaign this weekend. Note that […]

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Character Home Bases – Part II: How To Create Villages Fast

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0758 Character Home Bases – Part II: How To Create Villages Fast Last tip I rambled on about building character home bases and several ways you can invite players to care about them. While the Hobos of the Apocalypse will likely be creating a village community from ground up, I will want […]

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Character Home Bases – Part I: 6 Tips

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0757 Character Home Bases – Part I: 6 Tips The Hobos of the Apocalypse (formerly The Murder Hobos now reborn as positive change agents) need and want a home base once they emerge from the bowels of the elemental dungeons they currently cleanse. The problem is, they’ve got few stakes in the […]

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Use Setting Questions To Avoid A Tossed Salad

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0812 Last Musing we explored the idea of Setting Questions. Getting your players to help you flesh out your world with new details from their imaginations and character perspectives. We talked about making sure you add adventure details into your questions so players will care more about their characters, the adventure, and […]

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A Quick Way To Make Player Victories Sweeter

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1104 I just finished reading the Kobold Guide to Plots and Campaigns. I highlighted and flagged a few pages, so expect a tip or two I’ve gleaned from the guide in the future. On page 23 there’s a great tip about making player victories sweeter: Designing a finale specifically to a setting […]

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