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Buildings, Establishments & Places You Can Find In Villages, Towns & Cities

Quick Links to Buildings & Places Sections Ceremonial, Commemorative, and Sacred Civic Important People Citizens Construction Death Education, Information, and Culture Entertainment and Recreation Fashion Finance Food, Drink, Intoxicants Government, Infrastructure, and Military Luxury Goods Medical Open Space Residences & Lodging Businesses, Retail, Crafts, Misc Craftsmen Weapons & Armour Guilds Services Mercantile Vendors And Peddlers […]

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Different Ways Of Kinging It: A Quick Look At Alternative Traditions Of Monarchy

From Dariel R. A. Quiogue Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0128 A Brief Word From Johnn Monarchy Tips For World Building This week we have an awesome world building article for GMs who are serious about their campaigns, or for game masters who just want a cool story idea or two. I personally found it a most […]

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How to Use Meddling Gods to Make Life Very Interesting for Your Players

Five different ways to make lives interesting for the PCs with meddling gods. My world-building framework always starts with the gods because they influence my fantasy games so much. Gods should be active agents in games. Meddlers in conflict with one another. And possibly in conflict with cosmological evils. This instantly gives me adventure hooks, villain ideas, and campaign possibilities. The gods don’t just sit back and watch their favourite show on World TV. Instead, they play chess, sacrificing pawns to capture rooks, knights, queens, and kings. And as always, the PCs are affected.

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The Faction Pyramid Technique

From Christopher Sniezak Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0644 The Faction Pyramid Technique As a companion piece to last week’s great article by John Large about factions, today we’re gonna get into organizations and factions because you can’t have factions without organizations. Why? Glad you asked. And I’m going to show you the Pyramid Technique to help […]

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Prophets and Prophecy

From Kit Reshaw Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0277 A Brief Word From Johnn Conan The Road of Kings Review I’ve posted a review of Mongoose Publishing’s Conan Road of Kings worldbook. The book is well done with lots of GM hooks and useful campaign info. Thumbs up. Conan The Road of Kings Review Campaign Updates I […]

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