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Buildings, Establishments & Places You Can Find In Villages, Towns & Cities

Quick Links to Buildings & Places Sections Ceremonial, Commemorative, and Sacred Civic Important People Citizens Construction Death Education, Information, and Culture Entertainment and Recreation Fashion Finance Food, Drink, Intoxicants Government, Infrastructure, and Military Luxury Goods Medical Open Space Residences & Lodging Businesses, Retail, Crafts, Misc Craftsmen Weapons & Armour Guilds Services Mercantile Vendors And Peddlers […]

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Different Ways Of Kinging It: A Quick Look At Alternative Traditions Of Monarchy

From Dariel R. A. Quiogue Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #128 Hi Johnn! The idea for this article came from Neil Faulkner’s excellent article, Ten Ways to Enrich Your Campaign With Lists of Rulers. I hope this can be useful for my fellow GMs out there. RPT#108 – Ten Ways To Enrich Your Campaign With Lists Of […]

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Drag & Drop Game World Organizations – Part II

From Think Analogous Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #218 Gnomic Shipping Guild Group Purpose: The Gnomic Shipping Guild has two objectives: Trade and gain money. Further the technology of the gnomic civilizations through exploration, discovery, and theft (ahem, I mean copying) if necessary. Though entirely peaceful, and anti- colonial, the Gnomic Shipping Guild has established a world- […]

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Crossing A War Torn Land

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #217 This issue was inspired by a thread on the GMMastery Yahoo! Group. With permission, I’ve formatted and posted the contributors’ great ideas and advice here. For the full thread, visit: Here is the initial post from Chris Heismann that started the thread: “Leave it to players to be unpredictable… For the […]

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Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #214 I admit it. Most prison encounters I’ve GMed have sucked. Maybe that’s the best deterrent for PCs who don’t respect the law? “Hey, don’t kill him guys. If we do we might go to jail–and we know how boring it is in there!” ? However, a few jail sessions over the […]

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Political Campaign Tip: Create A Social Ladder

From Johnn Four Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #201 The social ladder is a core GMing and planning tool that helps you build and manage political campaigns. It represents the hierarchy of power and politics in your world or campaign region. It will inspire you with wonderful plot ideas and campaign conflicts, help you organize and track […]

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Innkeeper Intrigue

From John C. Feltz Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #185 The innkeeper or bartender may very well be the most stock, archetypal, and boring NPC ever created. PCs interact with innkeepers every day, relying on them as a source of food, shelter, and information. But even if the GM roleplays each innkeeper well, there’s usually so little […]

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