Campaign Logger New Features and Updates

Jochen and I have had a fairly productive summer working on Campaign Logger.

We hope you’ve had a chance to use the app in the past couple of months because that means you’re either gaming or prepping to game!Here’s a bit of a laundry list of what’s changed for the web app.

Here’s a bit of a laundry list of what’s changed for the web app.

(Note that not all features from the web app will port over to the mobile apps, and the mobile apps get updated less regularly than the web app as it takes quite a lot of resources to code, publish, and get approval from the various online stores.)

New Features — Web App

Custom Generators

You can now create JSON data files and upload them to your account as new generators.

This is an account-wide feature, meaning new generators you upload get added to all your Campaign Logs.

To create your own generator:

  1. Use our JSON Generator Service to see the required format
  2. Write your own JSON-coded data
  3. Test your code using the tool
  4. Log into Campaign Logger and go to the Campaign Logs screen
  5. Click the cog icon in the right corner
  6. Click the Manage Custom Generators button
  7. Paste in your new generator code
  8. Your new generator will appear in the sidebar!

GitHub Library Created For Customers

The Open Campaign Logger GitHub is a place to share files with you.

The site is a bit technical, but it gives Jochen and I a bunch of features that will help us manage a free library of generators and files for you, our awesome members.

If you’re not technical, the good news is you can simply dig into folders and download what you like.

If you are technical, you can make pull requests to fix file bugs and to add new generators and other files to the library.

Right now, we’ve uploaded all our core tables. These are helper tables, like names of colours, types of jewellery, noble titles, etc. Use these tables to help build your own generators.

Please share cool generators you make to help other Campaign Logger game masters. Either make a pull request or just email me your JSON code and I’ll add it to the Library.

We have also open-sourced our Hero Lab To JSON converter.  It’s available in the GitHub repo as well.

Two New Generators

We’ve added a Heroes of the Realm generator and a Demon Names generator.

You’ll find these in the sidebar, Spewfester Gallhowl.

Custom Tag Names Per Campaign Log

Lots of you have asked for a way to rename tags per Campaign Log file. Awesome, thanks for the feedback! It’s now possible:

  1. Log into Campaign Logger and navigate to a Campaign Log
  2. Click the cog icon in the right corner
  3. Click Change Preferences
  4. Click the Categories tab on the overlay that pops up
  5. Change names and link colours of your tags

Tables In Log Entries

You can add simple tables as you log now.

Just type two “pipes” to create a cell. A line break creates a new row.

For example, try this in a test Log Entry:

Earned XP so far:
|| Xorron || 2415
|| Tadoc || 2000
|| Blümchen || 413

Looks like Blümchen’s got some catching up to do!

Tag Counts

If you go to the All Tags item in the Tag Listing drop-down, you’ll see a screen with a complete inventory of tags you’ve created in your current Campaign Log file.

Make sure the Vertical Listing option is checked so you can see the counts.

Use Tag Counts to help analyze your campaigns, Finding story orphans and revealing unbalanced character spotlighting, for example.

Enhancements — Web App

Hopefully, the following tweaks help improve your experience using Campaign Logger. These are almost entirely based on your suggestions. Thanks!

  • Keyboard shortcut to save Log Entries. Go into Preferences and set what your preference keyboard combination is to save a Log Entry
  • Tweaks to the screen to make more room for logging.
  • Add dice rolls to current Log Entry. Click the Use Dice checkbox in the dice roller widget to have results automatically get added to your Log Entry.
  • Hide tag symbols. Go to Preferences to toggle “Tag symbol visibility” for a more natural reading experience.
  • More Log Entries per screen. We compressed the UI a bit to make more of your log entries visible. This depends a lot on your screen resolution.
  • All-Tags listing. In the Go to Tag Listing selector, choose All Tags to see all your tags regardless of type in one place.
  • Move Log Entry to Top/Bottom. A quick click on the respective icon in the Log Entry toolbar now moves the entry to first or last position. Note, this affects screen position, not PDF export.

Bug Fixes — Web App

We squashed a few goblins lurking in the system.

  • Plus signs no longer create accidental tags.
  • In certain conditions with Prefix/Suffix usage, text was being deleted from Log Entries.
  • Sometimes Log Entries would get stuck when being moved up/down.
  • Auto-complete no longer damages Log Entries in Firefox under various conditions.
  • Plus signs now work in the search field. (You can now search for plus signs within Log Entries. A plus sign no longer means “and” within searches. “And” is now implied when more than one word is added to the search field.)
  • Periods inside tags no longer cause tags to disappear from listings.

That’s a wrap for the latest updates to CL.

Thank you, everyone, for your feedback and support! You are helping make the tool better with your tips, ideas, and bug reports.

We’re continuing to add more to CL in the fall.

And please create and share your custom generators!

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