Campaign Logger New Updates

New Campaign Logger updates and bug fixes are now available for Web app users. Next time you login you should be updated instantly.

Windows and Android game masters: we’ll be updating those apps with the new stuff soon.

Here’s an overview:

New Dice Roller Codes

dice-rollerThe dice roller widget now sports lowest, highest, and median rolls. This is perfect for 5E gamers to make Advantage and Disadvantage rolls easy.

To choose the highest rolls, use #H/[DICE]. # Is the number of dice you want picked. H = pick the highest dice. [DICE] is your regular dice code, like 1d20 or 23d6.

To choose the lowest rolls, use #L/[DICE]. # Is the number of dice you want picked. L = pick the lowest dice. [DICE] is your regular dice code, like 1d20 or 23d6.

To choose the median rolls, use #M/[DICE]. # Is the number of dice you want picked. M = pick the median dice. [DICE] is your regular dice code, like 1d20 or 23d6.


  • 3H/4d6 will take the three highest dice out of 4 rolled dice
  • 4L/5d10 will take the two lowest dice out of 5 rolled dice
  • 1M/3d20 will take the median dice out of 3 rolled dice

And here are examples of regular dice codes, as a reminder:

  • 2dF will roll two Fudge/FATE die
  • d20 will roll one d20
  • 3d10+6 will roll three ten-siders and add 6
  • 1d6 + 1d8 will roll a d6 and a d8 and add them up
  • 1d6, 1d8 will roll a d6 and a d8 and show you each result
  • 1d20+5 (20+) will roll one 20-sided die, add 5, and check if the result is at least 20
  • 3d6 (12-) will roll three six-sided dice and check if the result is less than or equal to 12
  • 4d6 [5+] will roll four six-sided dice and check each die if it resulted in 5 or more
  • 3d10* will roll three ten-sided dice with exploding dice (i.e. re-roll any 10 and add the re-roll to the result)
  • 1d{Red|Orange|Yellow|Greeen|Blue|Violet} will roll a “color” die (will always result in a zero and thereby won’t participate in success evaluation, options are delimited by | and may only consist of letters, digits, and blanks)

See more dice codes you can use in the Campaign Logger dice roller here:

Enter Key Now Makes Line Breaks

After lots of great feedback, we’ve changed the Enter/Return key behaviour.

Pressing Enter now creates a line break in your Log Entry.

Before, it used to save the Log Entry. But now it just adds a line break to make multi-line Log Entries faster and easier to write.

When finished creating or editing a Log Entry, click the button or hit the checkmark to save it.

Log Entry Stays Focused When Moved

You can easily change the listing order of your Log Entries by clicking the Up/Down icons above each entry.

Now when you do that, the Log Entry stays focused on your screen instead of scrolling off, making entries faster to move up or down several spots at once.

Log Entry Delete Confirmation

I don’t know about you, but deleting something always makes me nervous. You have total control over your Campaign Log backups. Back up to Dropbox, your hard drive, a USB key, or wherever you want. You should do that often to protect your data.

And now, when you click the trash can icon to delete a Log Entry, the entry being deleted gets highlighted so you know exactly which entry is going to be trashed.

Log Entry delete confirmation

Copying Entries In Campaign Logger Gives a Success Message

A quick interface tweak so you know the tool has completed the job.

This works both when copying a Log Entry within a Campaign Log or when you are copying/moving Log Entries between Campaign Logs.

The system confirms the copy/move and the Campaign Log you copied/moved to.

I create a planning Campaign log and a session Campaign Log for each campaign to keep ideas and canon separate. Getting this confirmation message when I move played information over into my session log gives me satisfying reassurance the operation was successful.

More updates are coming. Jochen and I are working on a 2017 roadmap, so Campaign logger continues to be well supported and constantly improved.

Not a campaign logger yet? Our app makes tracking every detail in your campaign and sessions a breeze. Check it out.

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