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Excel File Generates Shop Inventory For You

By Jacob Valdez

Download Jacob's ShopKeeper Excel file

Download Jacob's ShopKeeper Excel file

As a player and a GM, I’ve always felt it would be a little easier to suspend my disbelief if sometimes it wasn’t possible to get a particular item in a shop, or if the prices were different from town to town. The problem is this isn’t easily accomplished on the fly – most GMs in my experience simply go with the book prices as written. For some groups, though, the haggling to get a good deal can be an interesting roleplaying encounter in itself.

As such, I put together a spreadsheet listing all the mundane items in the D&D3.5e Player’s Handbook, and for flavor, the contents of the three “Good Baron Dave’s” sundry netbooks. You simply enter the size of town and the size of the shop.

The generator then takes into account:

  • The gold piece limit of the town
  • The likely inventory level depending on the size of the shop
  • A price that may be higher or lower than the book price (keep your players on their toes)
  • The relative rarity of the item

I set an arbitrary rarity for my game world, all formulas can be adjusted (I only made the text white to hide the intermediate calculations).

Load the page (or reload [F9] to get new values), and the quantity on hand and selling prices are determined. You can then cut and paste the table onto a new page (Special > Only Values, so it doesn’t copy the formulas). You can then sort and remove items that have no inventory or the shop doesn’t carry.

With this tool, you can easily copy the entire worksheet and have different settings for item rarity for different regions in your world.

I hope you or other GMs might find this useful.

Thanks for writing such a great newsletter!

[Johnn: thanks for the awesome tool, Jacob!]

Readers, download Jacob’s Shop inventory .xls file.

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