New features released for Campaign Logger

The Campaign Logger app for GMs just got titillating new features you’ll find useful for your campaign wranglin’.

These features make it easier to stay on top of your campaign details and make your detailed notes easier to find and read, whether it’s during the heat of a session or those creative days leading up to it.

Log Entry Formatting

I think the best feature, though not earth shaking, is the ability to make Log Entry text bold, italicized, underlined and more.

I’ve been waiting for this feature so I can make my stat blocks far easier to organize, skim, and understand with a quick glance at my tablet. Awesome.

If you have Campaign Logger open, paste this into a Log Entry to take the formatting for a spin:

{ub|Formatting text in Log Entries}
Normal Text {/|Superscript}
Normal Text {\|Subscript}

The { } braces contain the instruction to Logger. The first half is the formatting instruction. Then a | pipe separates the text from the instruction. And then the second half contains the text you want to apply the formatting to, ending in the closing } brace.

This format is important to remember as we’ll be using this pattern in future features as well. {Command|text}.

Log formatting example in Campaign Logger

Log Entry formatting example in Campaign Logger

Note the top example command I listed: {ub|Formatting text in Log Entries}

The u = underlined. The b = bold. ub = underlined bold. That’s how you combined multiple formatting commands.

Quick Tip: Tag this entry as a Rule so you can find it again in the future if you forget how the formatting works.

Link Text

You can now title your links instead of displaying the raw URL in your Log Entries. This will help make things nice and tidy in your campaign notes.

Here’s text you can paste into Campaign logger to try it out:

Named link: {""|About Campaign Logger}

Unnamed link: {""|}

Unlinked URL:

New Generator: 3 Line NPCs #2

There’s now a second kind of 3 Line NPC instant generator for you. This one takes the first person point of view to help guide you into character and roleplay NPCs better.

You can regenerate any line until happy. One button click automatically adds the NPC to your campaign. And you can edit the NPC anytime as you see fit.

3 Line NPC Generator example in Campaign Logger

3 Line NPC Generator example in Campaign Logger

New Generator: 3 Line Villages

PCs go off the map? Build a village instantly. Each village has three randomly generated lines:

  • Appearance: A random appearance that not only helps your descriptions but efficiently informs you about the settlement’s construction and features, such as outer defences.
  • Adventure: Instant plot hooks and encounter seeds to get you running and players engaged with the village immediately.
  • Villager: Use this again and again to populate your village with interesting NPCs. Combo with the 3 Line NPC generator to add depth to NPCs who survive contact with the players, lol.

Each line can be regenerated as many times as you like until you get designs you want to keep. One click to add the village to your Campaign Log. Edit the village anytime.

3 Line Villages generator in Campaign Logger

3 Line Villages generator in Campaign Logger

Additional Updates

Bigger boxes: Log entry edit fields will automatically expand on your browser screen to a limited degree to allow better editing of long texts. Before the text box would not get bigger as you made longer entries. Now it does. This works in most modern browsers.

Random Tag widget: under the Generators widget you will find a randomly selected tag out of the tags you have used in the current Campaign Log you are using. This tag gets auto-updated every few second. Use it to surface random details of your games as reminders, inspiration, and idea combos.

Fixed a bug where the last item in a list of tags was not getting linked.

Improved speed of the entire Web App by moving to Micro Services.

Moved Dice Service to a new server to increase response time.

Fixed a bug where new Log Entries would not show up after Campaign Log import until screen was refreshed.

GM Cheat Sheet: Combat Descriptions

If you get stuck coming up with a combat description during the game, use the nifty Combat Descriptions cheat sheet for instant roleplay. It has five different randomly selected offerings to help you GM fights better and deepen the mood:

  • Melee Attacks
  • Ranged Attacks
  • Misses
  • Spell Attacks
  • Insults & Challenges
Combat Descriptions cheat sheet in Campaign Logger

Combat Descriptions cheat sheet in Campaign Logger

I love the new generators and the cheat sheet. And, as mentioned, the text markup is huge for my logging, and I hope it helps you just as much. We’re working on the next set of features and have more releases planned to continue making Campaign Logger your essential game information management and inspiration tool.

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