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NPC Personality Generator

By Peter Sidor

Creating a personality for an NPC:

This is yet another NPC Generator, inspired by Manuel Ebert in issue219. It generates a personality for the NPC, and tries to assign it an occupation fitting to its mental characteristics. Of course, as the list of the occupations is quite short, you should take this only as a very basic inspiration for new NPCs. Use the 'Generate' button until something sparks your imagination.

Look on the personality matrix and you will know how the NPC reacts in conversations, when provoked, and in other situations.

(The values and the position of the # mark indicate the mental statistic. 1 and 10 are the extremes.)

Introverted Extroverted
Peaceful Aggressive
Altruistic Profit-oriented
Simple-minded Intellectual

Presumed Occupation:

Other possible Occupations: