Review: Art of Wor City Tiles: The Stone Bard Inn

Stone Bard Inn tiles review

Depicted here are the seven tiles

The Stone Bard Inn city tiles by Three Sages Games are seven slick full colour productions designed to enhance tavern brawls and inn encounters.

The tiles are actually letter-sized plastic sheets with anti-skid foam backing. Because of the plastic, you can use wet and dry erase markers on them.

Three sheets combine to offer a large tavern area, replete with a 35’ long bar.  The illustrated chandeliers and stair banister will hopefully inspire creative combats in your games.

The other four sheets cover entire floors of the inn. GMs can use them as standalone areas for one or two storey inns, as well. In this way, you can build a few different inn variations, even though the tiles are designed to represent the large Stone Bard Inn.

The 1” squares for minis use are subtly marked with crosshairs. A pet peeve of mine is gridlines so dark or thick they interfere with mapping. So I’m glad to see the faint crosshair approach on Three Sages’ product.

The maps are fully detailed as well, with graphics for chairs, tables, shelves, beds, and numerous other furnishing.


I give this product a thumbs-up. They save a GM time mapping. The tiles are ideal for a frequently visited inn, however I would also feel comfortable reusing them in a world as standard inn designs.

I like the fact the tiles support wet and dry erase. The full colour and great details are a bonus.

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