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From Bob Nolan

Hi Johnn,

I like to use Google Documents to upload character sheets and to track notes with during my RPG session.  In addition to providing to a great way to store information, Google Documents allows you to send information back and forth to specific characters using the discussion pane on the right hand side of all documents.

Furthermore, you can share with your players a document that is editable by anyone who opens the document. Multiple people can edit documents at the same time as well, so two players and a GM can be creating or working on a journal or PC at the same time.

I can send a note to one character who is investigating a crypt while talking to the other characters who are trying to pry a stone from the wall, for example.

If an affect changes a character stat, I can put a note immediately on that player’s sheet without alerting the rest of the party to a danger, threat, or even a benefit – especially if it’s a secret!

It also helps for the group to keep a log of their activity – reports, notes, and journals that they can all share.

You can also use Google Draw in Documents to share a map, such as a house.

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