A Festive Twist on RPG Downtime: Surprise Your Players With This Great Idea

Here’s a fun and cool character downtime idea.

I had another email planned for today, but I just received this in my inbox from RPT GM Maja and wanted to share it with you. It’s not only a fun seasonal tip, but I could see doing something like this for general character downtime.

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I want to share a nice thing that I came up with and that my party really enjoys. I rolled up 24 items real quick and have our player characters open a theater-of-the-mind advent calendar each day.

We rolled initiative to see who goes when. The characters get to keep the items and use them in the campaign.

Everybody is excited and happy. They create AI images of their items and look forward to using them. The advent calendar opening is celebrated in our chat group every day. I recommend this. (And it’s nothing fancy. A whetstone. Three feathers tied with string. Some campaign-related hints.)

This could be used not only as an advent calendar, but to bridge several weeks during a forced campaign rest.

It could be used for a huge treasure that has been found and that the characters need several hours to go through. These hours in-game could be represented by days between sessions.

It could be used to prepare the next session, the other way round. Each player comes up with an item that the GM has to place somewhere. That way the player doesn’t have to come up with it on the spot (which is difficult for some) but can set their mind to how they want to use it. Also, the GM can think ahead as to how they are going to deal with this.

Of course, during the game, all of this is secondary as no plan survives reality. But it makes for a good occupation during pauses.

I wish you a happy festive season!

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Thank you
And I wish you a festive season too!

Have more fun at every game!

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