3 Line Culture: The Eglanzine

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0927

RPT GM Patrick Richert emailed me a 3 Line Culture he created, inspired by the recent sawfish Musing:

People: The Eglanzine. Aquatic creatures who live peacefully under the ocean waters.

Warfare is largely unknown to them as their means of escaping danger takes its queue from sea creatures, and they use their speed, size and maneuverability to their advantage to flee.

They use the bones of sea creatures to make most of their tools

Shipboard: This Eglanzine artifact is found in the hands of an undead pirate, and the Eglanzine want to see it back in the hands of someone who will use it for good.

Things: Eglanzine clothing and armor allows for freedom of movement in water. Even “heavy” armors allow for greater dexterity.

They also know the art of growing exotic plants under the oceans waters that can be used in ritual castings.

Plot: The Eglanzine originally created the Sawfish Sword for the hero Barnathy Waverunner who drove off a school of sahuagin. They presented the sword to him as a gift and reward, along with a tincture created from plants that they applied to the hull of his ship, allowing it greater speed.

During the war of the Immortal Kings, Barnathy was slain, and his ship taken by the Undead Lords. Now seen sailing the open seas during the dead of night, the Dayskimmer, rechristened the Night Hound, preys on ships, looking to increase its undead fleet.

The Eglanzine are mortified that their gift is being perverted in such a way, and they reach out to the players to either return the blade, or ensure it is used by someone worthy of the Sawfish Sword.

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Great design, Patrick. I like the peaceful stance you’ve given the Eglanzine and how you’ve had them use their environment to advantage. Thanks for this.