Build Your World With This Cool Map

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1065

Brief word: Roleplaying Tips Monthly Round-Up — October 2019

Here’s a simple world-building method from Reddit user MordecaiKravits.

[OC] Finally developed a world building method that appeals to my love of hexagons and straight lines.

This a relationship map he created that illustrates the technique:

In his words:

I’ve been trying to create a sleek method of keeping track of my world that allows me to have everything on a single page for easy reference, but could never come up with anything that appealed to me, until now.

Eventually, each of the elements above will have its own page containing a more detailed view of the area, but this is going to make structuring the story and side quests a lot easier, as I’m not simply recalling places and their position from memory.

Solid lines join places the party needs to travel to, and the length of the line indicates distance/travel time.

Dotted lines indicate “key locations” in the area they are joined to. No “travel” is necessarily required.

The double-sized hexagons indicate different regions, which will most likely stay empty until I’ve exhausted my current ideas. 🙂

I will be creating a written adventure to accompany the above…eventually.

For those of you asking where I got the paper from, I use this. For reference, I use horizontal, and 50% opacity.

Great map, MordecaiKravits. I like the combination of physical relationships (solid lines) and plot relationships (dotted lines) represented in one place.

It’s also cool to see size and icons used to deliver even more information.

And the Monarchy hex offers a cool idea and usage for plot clocks.

Thanks for the tip!