Mad Lib 5 Room Dungeon Idea Generator For You

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0809

Use this Mad Lib to create a ton of 5 Room Dungeon seeds for your campaigns:


The location is the site or setting of your 5 Room Dungeon.

The group is an NPC or faction from your campaign.

The item is a MacGuffin, something the party or a PC wants, or a reward.

Is doing something” is the PCs’ combat mission or quest.

And the motive is how you can connect this 5 Room Dungeon to your campaign. Make it a reaction to something the PCs did a few sessions ago.

For example:

A druid circle is summoning a dead dragon with an ancient henge at the heart of the Darkwood Forest in order to fight an even greater evil.

Another Mad Lib Adventure Generator

Also, here’s another awesome Mad Lib Rumour Generator that you can use as alternative adventure generator for more inspiration:

A Third Mad Lib Adventure Generator Option

And if you are looking for even more ideas, check out this awesome Mad Lib Adventure Generator that uses the Hook, Line and Sinker method.

You could even use all three approaches to keep things fresh for you and your players!