Mungo’s Crystal Vault

Wizard of Adventure mungo9494 shared this idea on the RPT Discord about a secure vault to thwart his players:

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I made a bank security system for my players to heist and thought it might serve some use for y’all as well.

Outside the city walls is a mine whose location is a well-kept secret.

Peculiar crystals form deep within the mine’s cavernous chambers. Each individual formation yields a crystal whose magical resonance and physical frequency are totally unique to that individual formation.

Some of these crystals are shaped into crystal balls, others into crystal keys.

Upon opening an account, the customer is assigned a single crystal key that remains consistent day-to-day. The customer’s vault is really a demi-plane or pocket dimension rather than a physical room.

At the start of each day, the demi-plane vaults are randomly assigned to one of the enchanted crystal balls which act as the “door” to that vault. This operation is performed instantly and entirely at random by the Mind Insuring No Theft or M.I.N.T., an automaton enchanted to run security.

The crystal ball is enchanted to only allow someone entry to the vault demi-plane if they tap the vault owner’s key to the specific crystal ball assigned as their vault “door” that day.

Since each piece of crystal used to make the keys and orbs is unique, the product of the entangled magical resonance of any two orbs and keys is also unique and cannot be faked.

Get the combination wrong and stone golems smash you and/or you get shunted to a very unpleasant demi-plane filled with acid, lava, particularly nasty trolls, etc., to prevent brute-forcing.

Players are already coming up with interesting ways to potentially thwart the system (or die trying).

Happy banking!

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Thanks, mungo! Let us know how your players crack the vault.

I liked your ideas about crystals being unique and having their own frequency so they can be used as a key to a crystal lock.

For GMs who don’t need a vault, I’m thinking you could steal the idea around crystal “locks” and “keys”. For example, the Sword of Mungo only works when a crystal from the same formation taps it to activate.

Or perhaps the enemy installs crystal locks on doors and only keys from the same formation can open them.

Further, I like the idea of crystals from the same formation resonating with each other in perfect sync. But what about crystals from the same mine having this property? We could use crystals as fuel sources or ammunition as long as the correct mine’s yield is used.

Perhaps crystals from the same mine or formation could be used as remote communication devices or sensors.

Or maybe spells can be placed into these special crystals that work like a scroll. Those with spell skills and special training or knowledge know how to produce a range of magical frequencies that match the crystals and cause the minerals to divulge their lore.

Another idea: counter-crystals. Let’s say the enemy uses this crystal technology for evil purposes. Maybe they make magic weapons and armor, an array of crystal balls to spy with, or crystal golems. However, raw crystals from the same mine or formation can drain or deactivate these creations with short or extended contact.

Have more fun at every game!

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