What’s Your Bigfoot?

One of my favourite movies is Le Pacte des loups, or Brotherhood of the Wolf. It’s based on a series of killings that took place in 18th century France. A knight and his Iroquois friend quest to find what’s been slaughtering hundreds of villagers.

I was reminded about this flick while listening to the Joe Rogan podcast. His guest was convinced Bigfoot exists. Joe’s reeling off debunking facts like a Gatling gun, but his guest just smiles and keeps rolling 20s on his mental resistance saving throws.

What do both things have in common?

A cool creature steeped in a monstrous tea of myth and legend.

For us, this presents a chance to to have more fun by building a terrifying monster. Then pour Legends & Lore all over it.

The first time I encountered this was when the Monster Manual II came out. Greedily flipping through pages noting the treasure types of every new critter, I stopped and stared when I hit the T section….

“Legend says that a great treasure can be extracted…10-100 diamonds of 1000 gp base value each. The underbelly…will produce a metal which can be forged by dwarf blacksmiths into 1-4 shields of +5 magical power.”

Four +5 shields? 100,000 gp in diamonds! 37,500 xp!? A truly legendary monster.

Further, this killer kaiju could become an entire campaign (and did for us):

  • “Possibly the most dreaded monster of all”
  • “Ravishes the countryside for miles”
  • “The land through which the monster passes becomes a barren waste which requires years to recover”
  • “All living things are food to it”
  • “A to-hit score of 18 or better indicates that a victim has some portion severed”
  • “Slaying…is said to be possible only if the monster is reduced to -30 or fewer hit points and a wish for its death then used”
  • “Even the slightest piece…will regenerate and restore the monster completely”
  • “Is active only for short periods of time…the monster comes forth to forage for a week or two”
  • “Every decade or so, the monster will be particularly active, staying abroad for several months”

And that’s but a portion of details mined from the creature’s entry in the book. I haven’t even touched its stat block and other special abilities.

Imagine all the Legends & Lore we could weave about such a creature, its historical rampages, and the second order effects of its devastating actions throughout history. Victim stories, scarred lands poorly healed, toppled kingdoms, savaged armies, myths from civilizations it destroyed warped and seeped into modern life. And just think of the instant ruins and 5 Room Dungeons it creates with its wreckage.

Every Legendary Homebrew Campaigns needs a Bigfoot.

What’s yours?

Have more fun at every game!

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