3 Line NPC Contest

Quick update: the contest is now over. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Use My New 3 Line NPC Generator to Create Great NPCs

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To celebrate RPT#700, and to get your help testing a new online generator I’ve created, I’ve got another GM challenge and contest queued up.

The theme is 3 Line NPCs and there’s some great prizes up for grabs.

I’ve created a new 3 Line NPC generator.

To enter the contest, use the generator to generate a 3 Line NPC that you like.

Then you tweak the NPC as desired, and add a brief backstory, 250 words max.

That’s it.

Generate, polish, and backstory as many NPCs as you like. (Yup, I used backstory as a verb there.)

Each NPC submitted gives you another entry and chance to win.

If you love NPCs, this GM challenge is for you.

Because I’ll be assembling the best NPCs into a PDF and giving it back to you and all Roleplaying Tips subscribers to help with your campaigns.

3 Line NPC example

The Prizes

  • Two Midgard Pathfinder PDF bundles from Kobold Press
  • Two Southlands PDF bundles from Kobold Press
  • One lifetime license to the Campaign Logger software
  • Two 2 year licenses to Campaign Logger
  • A complete Print and PDF collection of Roleplaying Tips Omnibuses – 6 books in all

How to Enter

The 3 Line NPC Generator is in beta, and will eventually be a tool for Campaign Logger members in the future.

To access the generator during this beta period, you’ll need a password.

You can get your free password here.

After you login, generate as many NPCs as you like.

Polish up your NPCs as you see fit.

Add a quick backstory for each NPC, up to 250 words.

Then paste your NPCs into the contest entry form, one at a time.

Your password will work for two weeks. And as a bonus, it gives you access to the Campaign Logger for 14 days as well, if you want to take the GM tool for a spin.

So to recap, because there’s a few steps involved, though they are quick:

  1. Get your password and login
  2. Generate a 3 Line NPC
  3. Add a short backstory no longer than 250 words
  4. Paste your NPC into the contest entry form here

Deadline is June 10

Enter one or as many NPCs as you like.

But the deadline is short.

You need to enter by June 10.

Those all are the details.

Get your free access to the beta 3 Line Generator now. Generate as many NPCs as you like for your own campaigns while you’re there! You’ll have access to the generator for a couple weeks. Then I’ll shut down the beta, take in all the feedback, and make improvements.

I’ll draw random winners and announce them in the Roleplaying Tips Newsletter later in June.

Good luck, and happy NPC generating!


Image Credit: Chris Heard

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