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Download Free Preview of GM Mastery: Inns & Taverns Essentials

GM Mastery: Inns & Taverns Essentials cover

This book gives you 260 pages of design advice, how-to information and GMing tips to craft unforgettable gaming locations.

Download a preview of my book, GM Mastery: Inns & Taverns Essentials.

95% system neutral!

Inns, taverns, and restaurants – these are the places of role-playing legend. Well, maybe not so much restaurants, but places to eat are important too!

Such businesses are often the first place characters go when they enter a city, and the last place they leave before waving goodbye. In the history of RPGs, taverns have spawned more adventures than any other location.

Inns are important too, because they serve as urban home bases and refuges for recuperation.

Restaurants are less common game elements, though I hope this book will change that. They are a fresh break from typical locations, and are places for PCs and NPCs to meet, intrigue, and plan.

In many campaigns and groups, inns and taverns are gamed so much they’ve stopped being special. They’ve become clichés.

GMs run the same ideas and concepts over and over, stuck in a rut they might not even know they are in. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right?

However, breathing new life into these classic pillars of your game sessions is important.

Nothing should be taken for granted. Don’t let things become mundane, stale, and uninspired. This is a sure route to burnout and player apathy.

Next time the characters enter an inn, tavern, or restaurant, surprise your players.

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