d12 Rolls To Alarm Your Players

If you want to scare your players with some rolling trolling, check out this humorous table that Jear77 posted on the RPT Discord:

In case you can’t see the image due to visual impairment or device, let me type it out for you:

Rolls To Alarm Your Players

  • Roll 1d10 and say “oof”
  • Roll 2d6, 1d8, and 3d12
  • Roll 1d6, 4d8, and 1d12 and if asked say “oh, it’s nothing”
  • Roll 1d420
  • Roll 3d6 and silently shake your head
  • Roll 3d12 and 2d20
  • Roll 1d4, 1d6, and 2d10
  • Roll 7d10
  • Roll 4d10, look alarmed, and then quickly try to cover it up
  • Roll 3d10
  • Roll 1d10 and 2d12
  • Roll 3d20, look at one of your players for a second, and then silently roll another d20

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While worth a chuckle, there’s an important tip for us here.

I call this type of tip +1 GM Charisma as I’m always on the lookout for ways to be a better storyteller and have more flair and presence at the table.

You know those people at parties who just naturally have a crowd gather around them? Or those people who can tell a joke or anecdote and keep everyone riveted, not just because the material is good, but because their delivery is even better?

As an anti-social introvert, being the center of attention ain’t my jam. But…at the game table it is.

I don’t want to be Johnn at the table. I want to be the orc, the storm, the giant’s hammer that takes a mighty swing at Bartram the dwarf.
Anything I can learn and do to gain +1 to my table charisma is a huge win for me.

And embedded within d12 Rolls To Alarm Your Players is a clever tactic. Remember, player Fog of War is much tighter and closer than GM Fog of War. Players don’t know what we do. And this gap is a huge opportunity we can leverage to amp up the excitement and get players on the edge of their seats.

And because we know what our players do not, we can use the unknown as another tool in our GM Toolbox to get players curious, worried, and excited. And when our GM Charisma successfully evokes those kind of emotions, we have the makings of a legendary campaign on our hands.

So make those secret rolls. Give players some FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). And practice your evil cackle in the mirror.

Get that +1 bennie to your GM Charisma!

Have more fun at every game!

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