Tiny Prep: How to Enjoy Prep Even More

Do you struggle being consistent with campaign prep? Do you suffer a bit from writer’s block when you do manage to start a bit of prep? Has prep become a fun habit for you, or do you still struggle getting the job done?

I hope today’s Tiny Prep tip helps. If you are doing #Dungeon23, then this is a perfect combo punch for you, as well.

Tiny Prep solves the “can’t decide what to work on” problem. And if you can squeeze five minutes into your daily sched, then Tiny Prep also solves the habit challenge.

Finally, I enjoy the randomness of the method. Small prep quests served to me with a die roll. This has made preparation even more fun for me now.

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Tiny Prep: How to Enjoy Prep Even More

I was on a podcast recently with Che Webster and he shared with me his fun game preparation system, which he calls Tiny Prep.

A huge piece of friction when it comes to prep is blank paper syndrome meets lack of inspiration. We don’t know what to build and don’t want to build it.

Che’s Tiny Prep solves this problem. I’m using this system now, and as it says in the title, it’s made my prep even more fun. Here’s how it works and how to do it yourself.

How It Works

Each day, Che rolls a d6. He looks the result up on an index card of prep tasks he’s made, pictured below. As you can see, his tasks are short and sweet. That means less resistance to doing them. It also means you can fit them into your day without any headaches.

That’s the system. Simple systems have greater chance of succeeding. So Che’s approach drew me in as soon as he said the words Tiny Prep.

How I Do It

Check out Che’s article here on the origins of his idea, research behind it, and inspiration for it.

So I do my Tiny Prep second thing in the morning. (My first thing is to write 1,000 words for Wizard of Adventure exclusive tips and tutorials.)

I created my own list and filled it with stuff I enjoy prepping the most:

  1. Create a 3 Line NPC
  2. Outline a 5 Room Dungeon
  3. Plot an Encounter
  4. Draw a Map
  5. Create a Magic Item
  6. Update a Character Loop
  7. Create a 3 Round Combat Plan for an Encounter
  8. Build a Location

Because I enjoy these tasks, I don’t lack inspiration to complete them. And I only added tasks that take five minutes or less. This pretty much eliminates the friction for me.

It’s Your Turn

Using your tool of choice, make a list of prep activities you enjoy the most.

Then grab a dice and roll! I hope this make prep more fun for you. If you give this a shot, let me know how it goes.

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If you want to chat with fellow RPT GMs about today’s tip or ask me questions, join the conversation here at my forum or on the Roleplaying Tips Discord.