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14 MUSH Tips

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0140 A Brief Word From Johnn Peak RPG Time – Try To Find Time To Play This is prime time for playing RPGs. School’s back in session, work holidays are usually over, and most family events have finished up till Thanksgiving. Your players should have no more excuses for missing game nights. […]

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11 Dice Rolling Tips

From Johnn Quatre Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0138 A Brief Word From Johnn NPC Essentials Review My eBook about GMing, designing, and managing NPCs received it’s first review. Cool! Check it out at: On Holidays – #139 September 8th It’s time for a little vacation next week and there will be no issue sent next weekend. […]

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Mapping Dilemma – How To Stop Your Players From Yawning

From Johnn Four Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0001 I hate to admit it, but because of bad RPG mapping habits I game mastered a “yawner” last night. My number one goal for each and every session is to entertain, and players yawning is a sure sign I’ve missed my mark. While every game master has their […]

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