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Tips For Lunch Hour Games + Personal Announcement

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1198 Big news to share with you this week. I have embarked on a grand adventure. Two adventures, really. The Great Resignation First, I’m going fuller-time with Roleplaying Tips! I’m thrilled but nervous and can’t wait to begin this new journey. I gave notice at my day job last week and I’ve […]

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3 Ways Your Players Can Help You Out Next Session

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1197 A Brief Word From Johnn Do you allow players to change their characters during level-up or between games? I received a nice tip on the weekend about this from RPT GM Paul M: I offered to modify the ability scores of the barbarian in my friends and family game to more […]

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How To Wrangle Your Million Campaign Details

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0820 Roleplaying Tips reader S.S. Asked me: I have recently bought both MyInfo and Campaign Logger. As I am starting the MyInfo course you have I was wondering if you were considering a blog post illustrating using the two of them together? MyInfo seems like it’ll be perfect for my world-building, and […]

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A Guide to Session Notes

From Scot Newbury Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #266 Running an effective and enjoyable campaign requires a lot of organization. Many GMs have volumes of information about the campaign they’re running–maps, NPCs, histories, cultures, the list goes on. Unfortunately, all that information can be unwieldy when running a session, or even worse, you can’t remember what information […]

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How To Track PC Stats? 7 Tips

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #240 Tracking character stats during the game, such as armour ratings, skill scores, and wounds, is a bit of an art, but it has many benefits. I feel the biggest benefits are: Faster gameplay More immersive storytelling Better managed encounters I find asking for minor skill checks and other types of dice […]

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Mapping Dilemma – How To Stop Your Players From Yawning

From Johnn Four Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0001 I hate to admit it, but because of bad RPG mapping habits I game mastered a “yawner” last night. My number one goal for each and every session is to entertain, and players yawning is a sure sign I’ve missed my mark. While every game master has their […]

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